Diving bottle


  • The bottle compensates for the missing breathable air that, otherwise is available for free. In order to carry enough air, so we do not have to take with us a huge balloon, it has to be comprimated (a lot of air compressed in a small canister). The required air is being filled into the bottle by using a compressor where a pressure up to 300bar can be reached (normal pressure on ground is 1bar). The enormous pressure from the bottle does not make us explode, because it is being reduced to a breathable niveau by the 1st and the 2nd level.


  • Steel, alluminium


  • Basically, it is not worth buying a bottle. Only, when you travel by car or when you often dive in abandoned areas where there is no diving shop nearby.
  • It is best to rent a bottle right at the spot for it has to be refilled after every dive and who wants to carry his own compressor along all the time...
  • All the various producers also have different access plugs. Therefore, it is worth to additionally buy an adapter. Do ask for advice if you would like to purchase one.


  • Diving bottles are proved by the TÜV and they regulary undergo an inspection. If there is anything to be fixed, let an expert have it done. The only thing you can do on your own is to check if the valve is properly closing.
  • Keep the bottle in a horizontal position so the valve cannot get damaged.