• The inflator allows the diver to regulate the fill quantity of the air chamber of the jacket, as well as to tare his poise under water by filling or by emptying it. The mouthpiece of the inflator also allows a manual inflation. Of course in this case, the diver has to take out the regulator out of his mout.
  • Most of today’s inflators are designed as second automats. There is no regular place for the inflator, it is each diver’s own choice where to put it. In an emergency situation, however, the search for it can cost many precious seconds.


  • See regulator.


  • Is normally done with the purchase of the jacket. The inflator needs a spare MD-tube adapter.


  • As the inflator is hardly ever used as a second automat, there can be an assembly of dirt and sand within it which can trouble its right function. Thus, a regular control and cleaning like with a normal regulator is absolutaly needed.