Diving watch


  • The main function of the diving watch is to inform the diver about the time passed since the descent. Thus, the divering is being positioned onto the 12 o’clock minute hand. During the dive, one can read the time that has been spent so far. Modern diving watches offer even more functions, such as backup of the recent dives, diving depth (bathometer), etc.


  • Depending on the model


  • The watchmake industrie offers all kind of watches with diverings, but most of them are not recommended for diving.
  • Important: The divering must only turn in clockwise direction in order not to falsify the actual duration of the dive.
  • The dial should be well visible. Analogue models are better suited then digital ones. The watch should resist a pressure up to a depth of 50m.


  • Clean with freshwater, check the batteries and the impermeability. A dial that has been filmed over is a sign for permeability.