First level (regulator)


  • The first level is a valve that is being screwed on the diving apparatus (diving bottle). It reduces the inside pressure of the bottle (up to 300bar) to a mean pressure of 9-10bar. The reduced mean pressure is being conducted to the second level through a mean pressure tube.


  • Stainless steel, alluminium, sythetic material, fiberglass


  • Choosing the right regulator might be the most difficult of any purchases. There are so many different types on the market. However, it is suggested to buy the first and second level from the same producer as they are best concerted. Thus, one should first decide which second level suits best and then buy the corresponding first level regulator.


  • If a layman, do not screw around the regulators on your own. Let an expert check and fix it if necessary.
  • However, there are some tests that everybody can do: Checking any possible birttleness of the tubes and doing the intake test (cover the DIN adaptor with your tumb and inhale at the mouthpiece end. Is there a resulting vacuum, the automat is not likely to let water pass trough).
  • Check the mouthpiece and look, if the bite warts are faultless. Inspect the DIN-O ring and change it, if necessary. Put the regulater under pressure in order to control its correct function.
  • Most of the producers require a yearly revision in order to maintain the warranty payments.