Mask (ABC gear part)


  • The mask is an prerequisite in the underwater sport. A viewing glass with a silicon frame seperate the eye from the water and prevent its inflitration. The human eye is only able to focus in a sp


  • Silikon


  • A mask that is not waterproof is very uncomfortable and spoils every dive. A mask should fit comfotrably and not be too narrow. A lightly tightened strap sould make the mask impermeable for water. Check the correct fit while putting it on your face (attention, make sure to free the frame from loose hair) and breathing in. The resulting vacuum should make the mask hold to the face without the help of a strap, even when in motion.
  • There are masks available in various designs. With or without a blow-off valve, clear or gray/black corpuses, simple- or double-glassed (doubleglass masks have a smaller inner volume thus are easier to be blown-off). Moreover, there are masks with cut glasses for spectacle wearers.
  • In any case: consult an expert!


  • After use, celan it with freshwater and let it dry in the shade. Avoid keeping it in a squeezed state as the frame might deform.