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Disclaimer - Legal Notices


1. Limitation of Liability

The content of this website is produced with great carefulness. The provider, however, does not warrant for the correctness, completeness and actualty of the provided contents. The use of this website is at the user’s self risk. If opinions are named, the provider does not have to share the opinion with the author. By only using the website of the provider, there is no contractual relationship between the user and the provider.

2. External Links

This website contains links to third websites („external links“) which the correspondent provider is liable for. The provider has proved possible infringements of the external links when adding them to the website. At this time, there were no infringements to be found. The provider has no impact on the future layout and content of the linked sites. When publishing a link to another website, the povider does not adopt the content behind the link as his own. A permanent control of these websites is not reasonable, only, if there are clear signs for infringements. If the provider learns from any infringement, the external link can be immediately removed from the website.

3. General and Ancillary Copyright

The content published on this website is subject to the German genaral and ancillary copyright. Each use that is not allowed by the German copyright needs a written approval by the provider or the actual bailee, prior to publishing. This especially counts for copying, editing, translating, saving, proccessing or quoting of content from data banks or other electronic media and systems. The content and rights from third parties are marked as such. The unallowed copying and transfer of single contents or entire pages is forbidden and accusable. Only the copying and download for personal, private and non-commercial use is allowed.

The display of this website in other frames is only permitted by written approval.

4. Duty of Secrecy

By using the provider’s website, there can be informations saved about the access (e.g. time, date, visited page). This data are no personalised data, but anonymous ones. The only use is for statistic purpose. There is no transfer to third parties for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.

The provider clearly informs, that the transfer of data over the internet (e.g. communication via e-mail) has security vulnerability and cannot be entirely protected from the access of thrid parties.

The use of the contact informations within the impressum for commercial purpose is clearly not whished, otherwise, the provider would have given a written permission or, there already exists a business relation. The provider, as well as the people named on this website hereby disagree with any commercial use and transfer of their data.

5. Specific Terms of Use

If there are any variations for the use of this website from the terms mentioned in number 1-4, there will be a comment in the concerning part. In this case, the specific terms of use apply.

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